Sex After Childbirth: Making it Awesome Again!


Postpartum sex after childbirth can be awesome

The long wait is finally over. Your new baby has arrived, and everyone is likely elated and exhausted. You miss being intimate with your partner, but the trouble with having sex too soon is the possibility of injuring incisions that are still healing or risking an infection. Even with a C-section, bacteria from the vagina can make its way into the uterus and create an infection if you resume sexual relations too soon. Around four to six weeks after childbirth, your doctor will probably give you the green light. However, your post-pregnancy sex life may not snap back to what it was before the arrival of your baby. When you are ready and your doctor tells you that your body is ready, you want to the first time to be pleasurable for both you and your partner.


Deepen Your Intimate Connection

Losing muscle tone and internal laxity can result in vaginal loosening after childbirth. This can result in decreased arousal and reduce pleasurable friction. Many women try practicing Kegal exercises to boost blood flow and restore muscle tone in their vagina. However, for more help toning and tightening the vagina walls, we have an instant solution: Tightenz™. The active ingredient Manjakani in this unique vaginal suppository will immediately restore elasticity to the vaginal walls. The result is unparalleled passion and incredible pleasure within minutes as you and your partner feel the remarkable difference.

Experience the unique benefits of Tightenz™:

  • Reverses vaginal laxity within minutes of application
  • Delivers tightening ingredients directly to vaginal walls
  • Safely tested in FDA registered laboratories
  • All natural, no parabens, alum, or hormones. Made in the USA

When you're ready to rejuvenate the intimacy and your relationship, try Tightenz™ all natural vaginal tightening inserts to improve sexual pleasure and satisfaction instantly.


 What to Expect When You’re Not Expecting.

Sex after childbirth may be different and even a little uncomfortable at first. There may be worry about whether your body is healed. Here are a few things you should expect about postpartum lovemaking:

  • Hidden fears may be present. Fears or questions may become barriers to postpartum sex. Your partner saw your body go through major changes during pregnancy, but may not have been ready for the physical changes that occurred to your body after the birth of the baby.
  • A change in your breasts. After childbirth, the breasts that were once firm, full, and fun to have in bed with you may now leak milk on you and your partner during sex and become more functional than playful.
  • The experience is new again.Your vagina will not automatically revert to its pre-pregnancy state. Common fears about how your body will feel to your partner may be of concern after childbirth, and you'll likely make love gently during the first few months.  

Postpartum sex can be everything you want it to be when you understand what to expect and focus on recreating intimacy with your partner.

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