Improve Your Self-esteem and Intimacy Now

Every year, it gets tougher for women to feel good about themselves because of so much pressure to be eternally young and perfect. Marketers flood the media with  images of almost perfect people and then

airbrush them to superhuman standards, After having children or gaining a pound or two, we may start to feel like we aren’t good enough, even in bed. Let’s face it: sometimes, it isn’t easy to feel sexy, and that can impact our self-esteem and our intimate relationships. Here are some ways to improve your sexual satisfaction and feel better about yourself.

Learning to Love and Accept Yourself

We are a product of our life experiences, both good and bad. Some things have an emotional impact, and others, like giving birth, can cause physical changes. If we can accept how our bodies change instead of expecting perfection, we can learn how to admit and even love our flaws. They make us who we are: unique, strong, deserving, good enough, and downright sexy.

Ask for and Get What You Want

Every woman has the right to feel desirable. That doesn’t end just because you have a family, a career and other obligations. If you have lost any muscle strength or vaginal tightness after childbirth, you may find intimate moments less fulfilling. You may do Kegel exercises to tighten your vagina or try sexual aids like ben wa balls to strengthen while increasing pleasure. These different techniques can bring back some of the elasticity you may have lost to childbirth, but they can also be frustrating because they take time to get results. Another option that offers immediate results for more pleasurable relations is Tightenz suppositories. They use natural ingredients that come in direct contact with the vaginal wall for a tighter feel and more enjoyment and sensation in your relationship. That tightness can last for a few days, giving you the chance to get your groove back. After all, who doesn’t want better and more frequent sex?


Get in the Mood

Give yourself and your relationships the attention you deserve. Put on music that relaxes you. Treat yourself to some new lingerie that makes you feel desirable. Take a break from your social media accounts and direct that time and energy into your lovemaking. If you put some of the focus on your intimate connections, you may just find a renewed passion you thought was long gone. Life and love isn’t like it seems in the movies. We have to put some effort into it, but you are worth it.

Empower Yourself

Taking care of you is more than eating healthy foods and getting enough sleep. It’s more than financial independence and a good workout. It is about finding balance and getting the most out of every day. Don’t neglect your sexual health by using all your energy taking care of everyone else. Recognize the parts of you that need some attention, and nurture them. Be in control of your own fulfillment. Maybe that includes finding new ways to tighten your vagina, and if that helps awaken your appetite, then set that alarm and wake it up! When you make yourself a priority, you become that confident and sexy woman you thought you lost.

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